There is a reason CoQ10 100 mg strength soft gels are the most popular.

Reason No1: Cost, Bio availability CoQ10

First of all, the costs of Coq10. It doesn’t matter if you take 100 Mg or 300 Mg or 500 Mg supplements on a single dose. The benefits of taking a higher dose are not significant. The net result is that your body will only gain certain grams of CoQ10 (Remember it not a % of of what you take, but a small amount irrespective of the strength). Also the general rule is that the higher the dose orally administered the lower the percent of the dose absorbed. (Credit: Research report by H. N. Bhagavan and R. K. Chopra, Free Radic. Res., 40: 445-453 (2006)). So you pay for Coq10 300 mg and get  almost the same benefit as CoQ10 100 mg. The exception is the pharmaceutical medicine grade soft gels that are required to treat heart alignment or Parkinson’s disease where dosage as high as 1200 mg may be prescribed. There is not scientific evidence at this point that supports that says that higher does means higher bio availability. Even if you take CoQ10 as a counter measure to statin drugs side effects, I suggest you discuss with your doctor of taking multiple does of CoQ10 100mg

Let me explain why. As a nutrient, CoQ10 is very difficult to be absorbed in the blood stream. Also Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is highly hydrophobic (repelled by water) and insoluble in water due to its low polarity. True, Ubiquinol form has proved to be a better bio available form of CoQ10 but the jury is still out there on the results. If you are taking for general heart health or anti aging protocol , and not to treat a heart or other conditions, you are better of sticking with CoQ10 100 mg Ubiquinol supplement grade Soft gels.


let us assume that you need more than CoQ10 100 mg dose. Are you not better of taking CoQ10 100 mg soft gels twice or thrice a day, instead of one time? Splitting the dose will defined help the bio availability.


Last, but an important one. Most of us may not even need higher dose than Coq10 100mg dose. Remember CoQ10 is not a vitamin that needs to ingested externally. The body produces millions of Coq10 enzymes . Generally if you are below 40 years, you may not need even CoQ10 100 mg. If you are above 50, Check your serum CoQ10 levels and if needed start with 50mg and progress to CoQ10 100mg strength in the long run.